Audit of Broward County’s Professional Standards/ Human Rights Section

1974 Mailman Settlement with the City of Hollywood

pdf pages 2 and 12: When this final judgement takes effect, the covenants set forth will be become binding on each party and Mailman Development Corporation (the plaintiffs) will dedicate the lands for public use in exhibit A, which is on pdf page 28. The City Attorney and others can play games all they want, but “public use” excludes use for private individual gain, and refers to roads, parks, public buildings, etc. and if often used in reference to property taken through eminent domain.

This is how you illegally dispose of waste for free and make a huge profit.

Where do the tax funds collected by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners go? Here are the payments made to BCBOCC vendors. Use control find with words like ‘Miami’ to peruse all the places BCBOCC are funding Miami-Dade. Whereas I do agree that the superbowl benefits Broward County, I do not agree that Broward County benefits from the Miami Ballet nor do I believe they should be funded by Broward County taxes. Every company should be registered at sunbiz and you can look up their information here: and you can look up non profits and view their most recent 990 tax returns here: