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Alphonso Jefferson: Can it ever be consensual for a person in a position of power to have a sexual relationship to a subordinate person in their organization? Why would Howard Tipton hire someone recommended by Bertha Henry instead of posting this position, and allowing staff from within St. Lucie County and from the regional cities, as well as other candidates to apply? Is this the way to get the most qualified candidate? Why would Howard Tipton write such a memo to file as he did posted above? It is true that the Broward County Professional Standards investigation, which was supervised by Bertha Henry and Monica Cepero, and where the report was re-written many times, did come back with a finding of unsubstantiated or unsupported. It is also true that the investigation did not include reviewing Alphonso Jefferson’s Broward County email or cellular phone because, “Alphonso said there was nothing there.” I find it quite surprising that the St. Lucie County attorney and HR director would not be concerned with this hiring. Even more surprising is that, according to Howard Tipton’s memo to file, he met with each commissioner and with his administrative team and the female directors in the organization inquiring if the they had any reservations, and as they did not Alphonso was hired, a man is a very high powered position, who admitted to having a sexual relationship with a subordinate, but felt it was acceptable because it was, in his opinion, consensual. Is that how most organizations hire their top managers? Why were the male directors not consulted? Is it assumed that only female directors would be apposed to workplace sexual harassment? :0


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